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Music helps to endure physical pain.
Psychologists from the Scottish University in Glasgow (Glasgow Caledonian University) conducted experiments on people and came to the conclusion that music can act as a painkiller. In the course of…

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3D sound
Your ears emit sounds! Right now, your ears emit a variety of high-definition sounds. This recent discovery gave birth to science listening to the ears. "Amazing!" - this is how…

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On the topic of the day: four new jazz albums
Jazzman - in principle, people are not indifferent to everything in life (and what will happen after it). Otherwise, they are not jazzmen. Which, however, does not prevent them from…

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Sound Genesis and Music Carrier: Ummagma Group Unveils Maps

Summarizing the sound quality of the audio system, our listeners are often forced to guess and speculate what the artist “actually wanted to say” on a particular phonogram. Today we have a unique opportunity. Meet the indie duo Ummagma will tell you first-hand how the music arises and the album is recorded.

Reference: Ummagma is Alexander Kretov and Shauna MacLarnon. In the project, Alexander is responsible for the iron, and Shona sings. Continue reading

Camera obscura: four new albums with classics

Let’s talk about the chamber genre. Trio, quartet, quintet – that’s all. The spring of 2019 brought a lot of beauty in this field: Shostakovich’s canonical quintet, Yevgeny Kissin’s only recording with the Emerson String Quartet, as well as the completely non-chamber, Rabelaisian Bruckner.

Chamber music is considered the most difficult genre, and for all. The composer has to invent something to make a dense text for a small number of instruments. Continue reading

Love in all its manifestations: five new albums of young indie rockers

Everyone has long known that rock and roll is dead. However, this guy has an amazing ability to be reborn into life, like a phoenix from the ashes. And he does it every time when a group of young people picks up the tools and decides to tell the whole world what they care about.

In fact, of course, rock music is not in decline, as many can decide by turning on the TV or simply going out and listening to what sounds from nearby establishments and cars. Continue reading

Remarkably Serious: An Interview with Spanish Brass Quintet Carlos Beneto Grau

A “rock band from brass” or a serious circus? The Spanish Brass brass quintet performed at the International Music Festival in Yaroslavl. Spanish macho virtuosi first appeared in Russia, and they simply fascinated the Yaroslavl public.

Mixing styles is traditional for this festival, whose art director, Yuri Bashmet, is himself a big fan of jazz, fusion and any interesting crossover. And just the wind compositions are usually responsible for the crossover, as they often play “normal” classics, and works by contemporary composers, and jazz. Spanish Brass too. Continue reading

Baroque ensemble Il Gardellino: “We never record in studios”

Baroque – new rock and roll? You can say so! Let this music be already half a millennium – what difference does it have if it still pumps people at concerts and attracts all new fans and adherents. Authentic performance – that is, playing on old instruments – gets to the Russian province.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in the attractiveness of Baroque. It is in us like “sewn up.” Continue reading

Madonna's discography as a mirror of digital record evolution
Madonna's first albums coincided with the distribution of CDs on the market and her further work clearly shows how the priorities in record recording changed. Let us examine them in…


Camera obscura: four new albums with classics
Let's talk about the chamber genre. Trio, quartet, quintet - that's all. The spring of 2019 brought a lot of beauty in this field: Shostakovich's canonical quintet, Yevgeny Kissin's only…


Conditional Bach: Four New Academic Music Albums
Little-known composers, significant composers and jazzmen, playing Bach "as it should," according to the notes. Such is the catch of June. It is gratifying when musicians fearlessly change their roles.…


Unknown about Miles and not only
“The critics were still not up to me, but there was a demand for my albums. I could see it at least because around the same time Bob Weinstock (Prestige)…